The casino games that people play

Regardless of the type of casino game, players place gambles on casino chips based on the random outcomes possible or combinations of these outcomes. Casino games are divided into three main categories i.e. random number ticket games, electronic gaming machines, and table games.

Texas Hold’em Bonus poker is one example of a casino card game. It is played using a standard 52 card deck and each player’s ante is of a single unit with the option of a bonus bet. Dealer and player are dealt two cards each facedown. On card inspection, a player may fold and thus lose the ante or he can flop bet two units. A player loses all bets if the dealer has a better hand. If the hands are equal the bets are a push. A better player’s hand ensures that he wins even money on the flop, river and turn bets.

Video poker involves the use of a computerized console akin to the slot machine. Players place bets on credits through inserting money into the machine. The ‘deal’ button enables card drawing once pressed. The resultant hand gets a payout if it matches one of the posted pay schedule’s hands.

Bingo involves numbers drawn randomly which are the matched by players against pre-printed numbers on 5X5 matrices. The first player to get such a match is often required to shout ‘Bingo!’.

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