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Baccarat tricks that will change your game fast

If you want to become a winner when you play an online Baccarat, this material is for you. These tricks are amazing for any Baccarat average player. If you have learnt the basics of Baccarat game and you found a great website where to play an online Baccarat, then, all you need to do more […]

Top common poker players you will meet in the internet

These are the most universal poker players at pokerace99. See the different poker personalities online. They say in poker one of the top important thing for a player is to know his or her opponents. We would agree with this, because we believe that not your hand, but the way you play it depending on […]

Here’s how your poker knowledge and skills help you in real life

Find out how a poker skill or daftar dewaqq poker fact you know can be applied in real life. These are the connections between your favorite card game and the ordinary lifestyle you live every single day. They say there are lots of the soft skills we’ve developed in life that can help us in […]

A short history of online gambling

Online gaming with real money is undoubtedly one of the most interesting aspects of the internet worldwide. During the last few years this sector has become more popular to an increasing number of gamers, showing great potential for development, even today, just in the middle of the financial crisis we are experiencing. Everything started sometime […]

Intricacies of Playing Poker for a Living in a Casino

In Barry Greinstein’s book “Ace on the River”, he contends that Las Vegas professionals are the cream of the crop at gamesmanship, survival, and moneymaking skills, basically at all the things that are key in poker besides the actual game itself. Well this blog is dedicated to all those things. Now it goes without saying […]

Types of 3D casinos

3D casinos are the latest type of casinos where players are set to experience a more realistic feeling while playing any game. These casinos are the product of technological advancements and futuristic approach. Also they have captured the imagination of players like never before and a rapid surge in their popularity is an illustration for […]

The casino games that people play

Regardless of the type of casino game, players place gambles on casino chips based on the random outcomes possible or combinations of these outcomes. Casino games are divided into three main categories i.e. random number ticket games, electronic gaming machines, and table games. Texas Hold’em Bonus poker is one example of a casino card game. […]

Poker Bankroll Theory

So did everyone tired get of opening this site and seeing david williams morph into xxx David williams? Well I am, so I’m going to write a poker bankroll theory article! I promise this won’t be another boring bankroll management article. This one’s all about how the tiniest changes in your win rate can have […]